Department of Physics,Graduate School of Science and Engineering,The University of Saga

People cannot live without modern technologies. These technologies had been rapidly developed during 20th century based on established fundamental science. (Semiconductor would not be so fantastic without quantum mechanics.) Physics department prepare a variety of research fields, from Elementary Particle, through Condensed Matter to Universe. gWhat is this made of ? h or g What is the most fundamental element ? g are eternal questions people have been asked by themselves since Greek era. and still hot topics to elementary particle physics/hadron physics as well as to astrophysics which is tightly connected to elementary particles. Quantum mechanics have enabled us to understand various nature of material such as magnetism, electronics, superconductivity, and so on and still show us very strange phenomena of condensed matter. While it holds unsolved mystery illustrated by the Shrodingerfs cat paradox in itself and still to be a theme of modern physics.

Particle Theory  Yoneyama, HiroshiiP) Theoretical Physics, Particle Theory
Aoki, HajimeiAP) String Theory
Cosmology Funakubo, KoichiiP) Quantum Field Theory, Astrophysics,
Particle Theory
Takahashi, TomoiAP) Particle Cosmology
Hadron Physics  Kouno, HiroakiiAP) Theoretical Physics, Nuclear Theory
Tachibana, MotoiiAP) Hadron Physics
High Energy Physics  Sugiyama, AkiraiP) High Energy Physics
openiAP) High Energy Physics
Condensed Matter Physics Zheng, Xu-GuangiP) Condensed Matter Physics, 
Materials Science, Superconductivity
Maki, MakotoiAP) Superconductivity
Ishiwata, YoichiiAP) Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience 
Ultra-high Pressures Okayama, YasushiiAP) Solide State Physics, Magnetism
Hirayosi, YutakaiPj Electron Interferometry
Endo, TakasiiPj Quantum Optics, 
Electron Interferometry

Retired Suzuki, Shiroi2012)
Toyoshima, Kouichi(2013)
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